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    6 ft. 7 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Computers Hardware
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. i artist painter, playwright ,musician I work at webdevlopor pub , ipassionate,romantic, generous,supportive ,wise philosopher.spertuel , timid, Hight senstivity ,spontaneous and ihave a strong personality independent i did never been married and idn't have kids but ilove them to make them happy ,I'm not here to watching naked pics, or if uare mongamouse Christian Faith believe jesus y are my match, to creat value . I'm always interested by white women big size, I found find it fat attractive honestly not just for sexual desire but for samothing deeply and conction and I want she be my destiny éternel I will wait all my life to be single until I found her. whatever time i will lost in my life more bcz I belive that what is right and truth can be realized and come in right time just. herforever I belive in truth matuel love, in Frist look and I belive that feeling are more most befor start stups

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,Yare mongamouse Christian Faith believe jesus and fear god no drug you are looking for men no smoking no drink no drug for build family and rise kidse so yare my match.